Welcome to the Unternet!

We at the Unternet are working on building a whole new way of using the Internet, making obsolete the redundant and time-wasting logins, passwords, and profiles on dozens of different websites. Here your email account is your login, and instead of a password, you use an X509 certificate. Originally we planned to use Thawte Freemail certificates, but Network Solutions has discontinued them. Now we are using client certificates from CAcert.org for login; we are also working on accepting OpenID login using your Yahoo! email ID.

Another main goal of the Unternet is to replace the military-sponsored, hierarchically-structured Internet with a grassroots network of high-speed local networks joined by lower-speed point-to-point connections with the rest of the world. This will allow global communications but be optimized for sharing voice, video, and other content with one's own community. Low-cost wireless routers running OpenWRT and its variants will be the core. An IPv6 addressing scheme based on Tony Hain's draft Provider-Independent Addressing specifications will provide the location-based unique IP numbers necessary for Internet independence.

And we are firm believers in making our website easy to use regardless of how ancient your computer is, or how security-conscious you are. Cookies, if used, will never be necessary. Same goes for javascript or any client-side scripting. If you use text browsers such as lynx or links, you shouldn't be disappointed. We may err on the side of being too nerdy, but we will not get sucked into the "Web 2.0" hoopla.

If you haven't already done so, set up your account at CAcert.org, install your client certificate in your browser, come back here, and login.

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